Leftover Turkey with Pistachio Pesto and Arugula Sandwich


Thank God it's the weekend. I actually had to work yesterday. All my fault, really. I left no vacation time at all for the Christmas holidays. But that's OK, because it's a very quiet time at work during the holidays, so it's good for catching up on work with no interruptions. Now if you're like me, you probably have lots of turkey leftover from Christmas and as much as my dear dog would love for me to give her all the leftovers, I know it's probably not good for her, though she would stand … [Read more...]

Guacamole Deviled Eggs


Well you've probably stuffed yourself until you went into a food coma. At least I have! I made all my favorites for Christmas: my cabbage rolls, my walnut bread, sex in a pan, great big old turkey with mashed potatoes and my favorite salad. And I ate from everything, although we still have a few leftovers. I have to stop making sex in a pan, that thing is dangerous for me. Just knowing that it's in the fridge, I can't stop thinking about it, I dream about it, I wake up and I want it for … [Read more...]

Christmas Morning Wife Saver


Merry Christmas! My gift to you for Christmas is one more amazing Christmas recipe. I certainly cannot take credit for this recipe, it's one I heard from my friend and thought it sounded easy and perfect for Christmas morning or brunch. Apparently this recipe is a Christmas classic, and it will become a tradition for me because it's delicious and there are so many ways to personalize it and make it your own. For now I just wanted to try the basic recipe and next Christmas I'll change it up … [Read more...]

Day 12: Pistachio Baklava


Welcome to day 12 of 12 days of Christmas! I think I've saved the best for last. I know it's not a cookie recipe, but it's one of my favorites, pistachio baklava. I love all baklava, but pistachio is my favorite. There's just something about pistachios, they are my favorite nuts. Maybe it's the saltiness that I like so much but I could snack on them all the time. You can find them at Costco a lot cheaper than in most other stores. Trust me I know, we were looking for them … [Read more...]

Day 11: Chai Chocolate Chip Biscotti


Welcome to day 11 of 12 days of Christmas! I'd like to apologize in advance for anything stupid I may say in this post, but I had a glass of white wine and I'm a very cheap drunk. But the good news is, my baking mania is almost over, 1 day left and I sure hope you guys have tried making some if not all of these cookies. Now there are only 3 shopping days left, not counting Christmas eve here, and I sure hope you guys are done your shopping because it's crazy out there, it's a mad … [Read more...]

Day 10: English Thumbprint Cookies

english thumbprint cookie-8

Welcome to day 10 of 12 days of Christmas! Yes, I'm still making cookies. Only a few days left until Christmas so I am taking advantage of this. I love these cookies. They are so gorgeous and so delicious. I make them for every holiday and then some. They are so much fun to make, well if you enjoy baking, and let me not mention how much I love to taste them. These cookies are a staple at my house for the holidays and everybody just loves them. I just realized that a lot of the stuff I've … [Read more...]

Day 9: Poppy Seed Rugelach


Welcome to Day 9 of 12 Days of Christmas! Are you tired of cookies yet? Only a few more days left, but I hope I've inspired a few of you to try some of these recipes. I for one love cookies. I could probably live on cookies. I can't stop shoving cookies in my mouth. I keep saying this cookie is my favorite or this one, but the truth is, I love all cookies. I'm an equal opportunity cookie lover, if that even makes sense. I should just open a bakery and sell my cookies, at least then I … [Read more...]

Day 8: Chocolate Orange Crackles


Welcome to Day 8 of 12 Days of Christmas! I really hope you're following me along with 12 days of cookies because I'm having lots of fun baking and trying not to eat everything I've made. Oh these cookies! These chocolate orange crackles! These cookies were killing me!! 3 times I had to try before I succeeded. 3 times! I just couldn't get the chocolate, butter and sugar to be nice and smooth. I wasted lots of butter, chocolate and sugar. But you know what they say. 3rd time's a … [Read more...]

Day 7: Lime Meltaways


Welcome to Day 7 of 12 days of Christmas! No more chocolate today, my friends. Today these cookies are all about limes. We need variety in our cookies, and a lime is something you don't see often in a cookie. Sure I'll have more chocolate cookies for you, but let's focus on these lime meltaways. The name itself suggests they simply melt in your mouth, and they do. I love these cookies, such a refreshing change. I made these lime meltaways last weekend and brought most of them to work. … [Read more...]

Day 6: Chocolate Fudge Cherry Cookies


Welcome to Day 6 of 12 days of Christmas! We're half way there! There's chocolate overload with this recipe! What happens when you put together a chocolate cookie topped with chocolate fudge and double topped with maraschino cherries, both red and green? You get a chocolate fudge cherry cookie! Aren't these the most adorable cookies you've ever seen and the most festive? I made my poor husband go and look for green maraschino cherries because I just wanted to have both red and green and he … [Read more...]

Day 5: Pretzel Turtles


Welcome to Day 5 of 12 days of Christmas! First of all I don't usually make pretzel treats, but when I saw these I knew these were for my husband as his favorite chocolate are turtles. I knew this was meant to be. I know it's not really a cookie for my 12 days of cookies but it's close enough, it's a sweet treat, therefore it qualifies. Recently I've come to a conclusion. I love dark chocolate more than milk chocolate which is not a bad thing because dark chocolate is healthier for … [Read more...]

Day 4: Yuletide Coconut Cherry Cookies


Whew! I'm so glad it's the weekend, it's been a crazy busy week. I've been juggling work, Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, blogging, and of course planning for the holidays. And the weather has not helped at all, it's been cold and miserable. I'm just glad it's the weekend and I don't have much planned besides spending time with my husband and my beagle and baking while listening to Christmas carols or watching Christmas movies. It's going to be a fun weekend, my kind of weekend around this … [Read more...]