Halloween Vanilla Cupcakes

halloween cupcakes-2

Today I was in the baking mood, and since it's Saturday, I baked a lot. One of the things I baked are these Halloween Vanilla Cupcakes. I don't normally make cupcakes, or cakes for that matter, unless there's a special occasion, but I just couldn't help myself now. I had to make something cute for Halloween. So as I'm watching cup cake wars, I thought what a wonderful idea, to make some adorable cupcakes. I could have gone with chocolate cupcakes, but I thought vanilla cupcakes and orange … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Roses

cinnamon roses

This weekend was a busy weekend. It's my little nephew's one year birthday and my father came to visit. I volunteered to make the cake for Nicholas and that took me a few hours but it looks gorgeous. I will post some pictures later. Yesterday everyone came for dinner here so I wanted to make something special and I decided to bake these gorgeous cinnamon rolls. I saw how these cinnamon rolls were made on a Chinese blog, Lucy's Kitchen  and I thought they were just gorgeous. I couldn't really … [Read more...]

Nutella and Pecan Cupcakes

pecan nutella cupcakes

Well I must say this was my first attempt at cupcakes. I figured it couldn't be that difficult. My two favorite ingredients of all time are nutella and pecans so I took a basic recipe of white cupcakes and turned it into my own by adding pecans and nutella and they turned out absolutely gorgeous. I had these cute mini pink muffin liners so I placed one in each muffin slot of my mini muffin pan. In a bowl I added flour sugar and baking powder and mix. In another small bowl, I added the … [Read more...]