Pumpkin Ricotta Cheesecake

pumpkin ricotta cheesecake-1-3

I had a tough time coming up with a name for this cheesecake because it has both ricotta cheese and cream cheese in it, so to call it Pumpkin Ricotta Cream cheesecake, too long and it just doesn't sound right. But regardless of its name, the important thing is that if you're a pumpkin fan, like me, and you love pumpkin season, then you're simply going to love this cheesecake, assuming you like cheesecake as well. When I took the pictures I had not waited long enough for the cheesecake to cool, … [Read more...]

Crusty Bread

crusty bread-1-3

I am so excited about sharing this bread recipe with you, I have not been this excited in a very long time about a recipe. You know how much I love baking, but I love simplicity as well. This bread could not get any easier, it's even easier than the artisan bread. Let me give you an introduction first. I came across this recipe on pinterest, and it took me to Simply So Good blog to this amazing bread recipe. The ingredients are the same as for the artisan bread but the way it's made, totally … [Read more...]

Berry Cheese Cake Squares

fruit and cheese cake bars-1-2

I am not a big cake maker, though I will make them every once in a while, so when I do make a cake I want it to be special. My husband however, doesn't like any cakes but he does love European style cakes, and this my friends is a European style cake, at least to me. Whenever I've been to Europe, these are the types of cakes I've had, and I love them. So when my friend gave me this recipe I knew I had to make it. I'll admit this cake was a bit of work to make, but it was one of the best cakes … [Read more...]

Best Ever Dinner Crescents


These Best Ever Dinner Crescents are super simple to make and there's nothing better than fresh hot dinner crescents right out of the oven. I'm a sucker for hot bread, hot buns, anything fresh coming out of the oven. I cannot resist a hot dinner roll, the smell alone drives me crazy. So when I've been seeing these dinner rolls all over pinterest well I just had to try them myself and see what all the fuss is about. If you follow my blog you know that I love baking and I actually bake quite … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Bread

cinnamon bread-1-3

I love Saturday mornings, don't you. I can sleep in and when I wake up I can actually have a nice cup of coffee at home. But I woke up this morning, craving cinnamon bread. I love cinnamon bread especially for breakfast. However, I was not to have the cinnamon bread for breakfast, as it would take a while for the dough to rise, but I did end up having it later in the afternoon and it was still as good. And moreover, tomorrow morning I will have cinnamon bread. YES! Now you can definitely add … [Read more...]

German Chocolate Cake

german-chocolate cake-1-2

One of my favorite cakes is German chocolate cake. I don't make it often, this is probably the second time I've made it, but it is amazing, however I will eat it whenever I get a chance. My favorite part about it is the coconut and pecan topping, obviously. Coconut and pecans together make a fabulous combination. The chocolate cake itself is the same recipe I always use for chocolate cake because I think it's the best. It's a moist cake that's made with buttermilk and it's just unbelievably … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies-1

The snow came and is now gone. Thank goodness. I don't think I'm ready for snowstorms yet, or winter jackets and big boots. I just want a few more weeks of nice fall weather, and it looks like I may be getting my wishes. It's pumpkin season my friends, so why not take advantage of it and make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Which is what I did here. Granted it's only a pumpkin chocolate chip cookies but look at the color on these cookies. I loved these cookies, they are not your regular … [Read more...]

Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies

chocolate pumpkin brownies-1-3

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada so happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends. It's also a beautiful weekend as far as weather is concerned, I love this time year as the colors are gorgeous. Speaking of fall colors, what better ingredient to use for fall than pumpkin. I've been meaning to make some cheesecake brownies for a while now, so adding pumpkin to the cheesecake was a no brainer. Not only does it give the cheesecake batter the beautiful orange color, but it also adds great … [Read more...]

Cinnabons Cinnamon Rolls


Who doesn't love the cinnabons at the malls? Just walking by their stores and smelling these cinnabons baking, drives me up the walls. It's very hard to keep on walking and not stop and spend $5 on a cinnabon. Not to worry my friends! I have found the precious cinnabon recipe. I came across this book, More Top Secret Recipes: More Fabulous Kitchen Clones of America's Favorite Brand-Name Foods, and inside it I found the copycat recipe for cinnabons. This book is great, it has a lot of copycat … [Read more...]

Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread


You know what's great? Weather here in Calgary is still awesome. I am loving this, it's like an extended summer, but not too hot, just perfect. I just hope it stays this way for a little while longer. Anyway, on to today's recipe. Well I love chocolate and I love banana bread, so anytime you pair these two together, it's a winner for me.  This banana bread makes for a perfect breakfast idea especially when you're in a rush.  As a matter of fact this is what I did this morning, took a slice … [Read more...]

Outrageous Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies

chocolate chip peanut butter-1-8

I haven't made cookies in a long time, but my husband was in the mood for some cookies because he's been sick for the past couple weeks. So I was wondering what cookies to make and came a cross this recipe on allrecipes.com which I have modified a bit, by reducing the sugar. What caught my eye is the fact that this is a healthier version of peanut butter cookies. And not only peanut butter cookies, but they also have chocolate chips in them, and, are you ready for this, rolled oats! Yes! … [Read more...]

Mandazi, African Donuts

african donuts-1 (2)

I've been really sick this weekend with a sore throat and the last thing I wanted to do is cook. But I was in the mood for some donuts. :) I wanted something different though, and surfing through the web I came across this African donuts recipe. I was delighted. Don't get me wrong, most donuts recipes are pretty similar but these donuts are with coconut milk which is what I think makes them special. They were wonderful, so tasty, light and fluffy, not too sweet, so I sprinkled some … [Read more...]