Fruit Pizza with Cream Cheese Frosting


This fruit pizza with cream cheese frosting is so easy to make, gorgeous and super yummy. Fresh berries, kiwi, peaches on a giant frosted cookie. YUM! OMG you guys! I am super excited to share this delicious fruit recipe with you guys. I could barely wait till today to post this because I am so… 

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Mini Gluten Free Cherry Pies


Well I finally tried gluten free flour. I wanted to see what all the craze was about and to see if I’d even like a gluten free pie. To tell you the truth I first tried making these gluten free cinnamon rolls and I was not crazy about them at all. The dough turned out… 

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Classic Pumpkin Pie

classic pumpkin pie-1-8

I have to tell you a secret. I love pumpkin pie. But I only want to eat it for Thanksgiving. That’s enough for me. But when I eat it, it’s like I’m in heaven, I could jump with joy. But that all I need to last me for the entire year. So I’m weird that… 

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Classic American Apple Pie

classic apple pie-1-3

You’re probably wondering why my classic pie is made in a tart dish. That’s simple, I was making 2 other pies at the same time and I ran out of pie baking dishes, so this is the only thing I had left. But who cares,  right? I’ve said this over and over again that making… 

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Fig Tart with Pecans and Goat Cheese

fig tart with pecans and goat cheese-1-4

Every summer, I can’t wait for the time when I see fresh figs at the grocery store or at the farmer’s market. This past weekend I was lucky enough and found them. I found these beautiful green figs and I just knew I had to buy a box. These figs are absolutely delicious, they’re so… 

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