Jo Cooks Pretty Darn Delicious Recipes Tue, 25 Oct 2016 20:02:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Roasted Potatoes With Garlic Sauce Tue, 25 Oct 2016 17:29:01 +0000 roasted-potatoes-with-garlic-sauce-1-3

Roasted Potatoes With Garlic Sauce – the best roasted potatoes you will ever eat. The garlic sauce makes all the difference. Ever since I was a little girl, this version of roasted potatoes with garlic sauce has been my favorite, we basically used to have these potatoes every Sunday for dinner. My mom would always […]

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Skillet Sloppy Joe Casserole Sun, 23 Oct 2016 22:58:26 +0000 skillet-sloppy-joe-casserole-1

This Sloppy Joe Casserole is made in a skillet featuring all the great flavors of your favorite Sloppy Joes and is topped with tender flaky biscuits.  Sloppy Joes are about as easy as you can get when making dinner. A sloppy Joe sandwich is basically ground beef and tomato sauce in a bun. Seriously that’s all there is […]

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Cheesy Cauliflower Tots Thu, 20 Oct 2016 22:04:30 +0000 cauliflower-tots-1-2

These Easy Cheesy Cauliflower Tots are gluten free, low carb and totally delicious! These tots are the perfect little healthy snack that will please even the most picky eaters. If you guys love my cheesy cauliflower breadsticks, you will love these cauliflower tots. Cauliflower crust or breadsticks have been insanely popular over the past few years, […]

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Crockpot Cheesy Mashed Potatoes Tue, 18 Oct 2016 18:29:29 +0000 crockpot-cheesy-mashed-potatoes-1-3

Learn how to make these delicious Crockpot Cheesy Mashed Potatoes with half the effort but still loaded with tons of flavor! The easiest, creamiest and cheesiest mashed potatoes you will ever make.  I’ve been meaning to make these crockpot mashed potatoes for a long time now and finally I decided it was time. I knew […]

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Chicken Enchilada Taquitos Sun, 16 Oct 2016 18:27:37 +0000 chicken-enchilada-taquitos-1

These Chicken Enchilada Taquitos require only 4 simple ingredients to make and the best part is that they’re baked! Crunchy, succulent and delicious! You all know I love my simple recipes and trust me when I tell you taquitos couldn’t get any easier than this recipe. Long ago, and I mean a very long time […]

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Roast Turkey Breast with Saucy Cranberry Sauce Fri, 14 Oct 2016 00:08:09 +0000 roasted-turkey-with-saucy-cranberry-sauce-1-3

This Roast Turkey Breast with Saucy Cranberry Sauce is your answer to stress free holiday and a great alternative to cooking a whole turkey. This past weekend we had our Thanksgiving here in Canada and this is what I made. Let me tell you that cooking turkey breast is your answer to stress free holiday […]

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Mighty Moussaka Tue, 11 Oct 2016 19:55:44 +0000 mighty-moussaka-1-2

This Mighty Moussaka is packed with layers and layers of eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, meat and, of course, a creamy bechamel sauce. A mouthwatering and hearty casserole that will surely tickle your tastebuds.  I’m so excited to share this recipe with you because this recipe truly is a treat. The other day I was talking to a friend […]

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Pumpkin Goat Cheese Pappardelle Sun, 09 Oct 2016 23:39:34 +0000 pumpkin-goat-cheese-papardelle-with-crispy-fried-sage-and-pancetta-1-6

Pumpkin Goat Cheese Pappardelle with Crispy Pancetta and Crispy Fried Sage Leaves – it’s a mouthful, I know, but it’s also creamy, delicious, simply mind blowing! It is pumpkin season right? Well that literally gives me the right to put pumpkin in pretty much everything, so I will if I can. And if you love […]

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