15 Perfectly Timed Photos – Fun Friday Finds

It’s Friday afternoon, you’re in your office, bored, sitting at your computer and watching the clock…tick tock tick tock tick tock.

Jo to the rescue!

I’m starting a new category at Jo Cooks. Drum roll please….

Fun Friday Finds!

We’ve all been there, bored out of our minds on Friday afternoon waiting for 5 o’clock to strike, counting the minutes. Well worry no more because every Friday you can now have some fun with our Fun Friday Finds. This section is not about food porn, or perfect photography, this section is all about fun.

I love surfing the web for all kinds of crazy photos, watching YouTube videos for hours and hours. But here’s a collection of my top favorite 15 perfectly timed photos.

So sit back and enjoy!

The spitting fire dog!


Photo courtesy of richardwiseman.wordpress.com

Small head, big back!


Photo courtesy of buzzfeed.com

Oh baby you have big legs!


Photo courtesy of likes.com

Who’s caring who?


Photo courtesy of oopslive.com

The presidential magic carpet! Can I have one?


Photo courtesy of Getty

Take this you big buffoon!


Photo courtesy of dumpaday.com

Mini Me!


Photo courtesy of dumpaday.com

Yawn! Cat Woman!


Photo courtesy of thumpress.com

I caught the bubble, it’s my bubble!

I caught the bubble

Photo courtesy of lolsnaps.com

Hungry Bird! Hunting Bird!


Photo courtesy of thumbpress.com

I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!


Photo courtesy of thumbpress.com

Help! Don’t let me fall!


Photo courtesy of thumbpress.com

The Olympic moon!


Photo courtesy of thumbpress.com

Dog man?


Photo courtesy of thumbpress.com

And sorry to gross you out…barf!


Photo courtesy of cheeseburger.com

There you have it my friends.

Happy Friday!


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