Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya

chicken and shrimp jambalaya-1

You all know I love easy and simple recipes. I tried to make this jambalaya recipe as simple as possible. Now I know you might be saying that I’m missing sausages from this jambalaya, but I wanted to make it a bit healthier and so I skipped them. OK fine, I did not have any… 

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Baja Spinach Dip

baja spinach dip-1-4

I know what you’re thinking! You love dips! Well that’s OK, so do I! Even if you’re not a fan of spinach you will love this baja dip. And if you want more heat, well then just throw in some more Frank’s hot sauce. This dip is hot, it’s gooey, cheesy and most importantly, it’s… 

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Sweet Potato Turkey Meatballs

sweet potato turkey meatballs-1-4

As promised, here is another sweet potato recipe. Sweet potato turkey meatballs. Don’t even ask how I came to make these meatballs. Ok I’ll tell you. My husband wanted to eat some meatballs, but when I looked in the freezer the only meat I had was a package of ground turkey. In the fridge I… 

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Shrimp and Crab Dip Stuffed Tomatoes


I love making appetizers, especially cute ones like these stuffed tomatoes. I’ve been waiting to make these for a long time now, but I’ve been waiting to have the perfect stuffing. So I decided to go with a seafood dip which is made with crab, shrimp, cheese and of course some Frank’s hot sauce for… 

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Beef Empanadas


Baked Beef Empanadas made with puff pastry, so easy and so delicious. Don’t underestimate puff pastry, it’s quite versatile and makes delicious empanadas. Winter is in full force here in Calgary, it’s been snowing pretty much every day this week and if you look outside you’d think it was December not October. But that’s OK,… 

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Bang Bang Chicken


Bang Bang Chicken – From the Panko breading to the sweet chili mayo, this recipe is perfection! I finally found Panko breadcrumbs. Seriously, I’ve never used them before until now. And you know how they say ignorance is bliss, well that is so true. Because I did not know what I was missing, I knew… 

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