Mexican BLT with Guacamole


I think I have a split personality when it comes to food. The reason I say this is because sometimes you see recipes like this Mexican BLT with Guacamole or this Thai Chicken Salad on my blog which are fairly healthy and then sometimes you see recipes like Sex in a Pan or this chocolate cake here. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just wanted you to know that I know. Have I confused you yet? Well here's the thing my friends, you need variety in your life, so here you will find lots … [Read more...]

Easy Chicken Salad Sandwiches

easy chicken salad sandwiches-1-5

I have to confess something to you all. I've been obsessed with this show called Pretty Little Liars. I was in the kitchen one day cooking and I wanted to watch something on Netflix when I came across this show and thought I'd give it a try. Well one show in and I was hooked. Ever since then this is pretty much all I've watched on TV. As I watch each show I think one more and I'll find out who A is. Well I don't want to spoil it for you if you haven't seen it, but this show is my vice, what's … [Read more...]

Chicken Fajita Sandwiches

chicken fajita sandwiches-1-9

I love the idea of turning favorite meals into a sandwich. And that's just what I did here. Chicken fajitas are very common in our house, it's just one of those meals that is easy to prepare and it's a perfect weeknight meal. Not to mention how delicious it is. But this time I decided to switch things up for my husband, being the sandwich lover that he is. He's a very picky eater and his favorite food are sandwiches, any type of sandwich, you name it. So I made my usual easy chicken … [Read more...]

Classic Reuben Sandwich

classic reuben-1-2

OK my friends, do your favorite food blogger a favor and make this sandwich! If you won't do it for me, do it for yourself. You need this Reuben sandwich. You will thank me. This sandwich is fantastic! Delicious! Phenomenal! The ingredients are easy to find, the only problem you might have is finding the sauerkraut, but if you can't find sauerkraut just use coleslaw. By the way I found sauerkraut at Safeway here in Calgary. So my friends, very simple ingredients, pastrami, Swiss cheese, … [Read more...]

Easy and Healthy Egg Salad Sandwich

egg salad sandwich-1

I call this egg salad sandwich healthy because it uses very little mayonnaise, so it's a great lunch idea, super easy to make and it's delicious. If you are watching your cholesterol, feel free to reduce the egg yolks and add additional egg whites. Here are the ingredients you'll need to make 2 sandwiches, just double the recipe if you need to make 4: [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:22] Enjoy!   … [Read more...]

Cuban Panini with Quick Pickles

cuban-panini-with-quick-pickles-1-5 (2)

My husband's all time favorite food is a good sandwich. Especially paninis. He will eat almost any kind of panini. And seeing that it was his birthday this week, I wanted to make him a special panini and I came across this recipe in the Shortcut Cooking magazine so I knew I had to try it. I mean just the name of this panini sounds delicious. And the sandwich is fabulous too. Have you ever had pork marinated in orange juice and lemon and lemon juice? It's totally divine! I've never had citrus … [Read more...]

Open Faced Veggie Sandwiches


Happy Mother's Day to all mothers. The weather has been incredible here in Calgary. We've had a beautiful and warm day for Mother's day. On such gorgeous day I don't always feel like cooking, so most of the times I turn to sandwiches. Here's a sandwich recipe, if you want to call it that, that is super healthy. It's full of flavor and it looks great too. It's like a salad on a sandwich. :) Literally! I made a salad with chopped up tomatoes, cucumbers, blue cheese, olive oil and … [Read more...]

Marinated Pork Sandwich with Rosemary Aioli, Mozzarella Cheese and Roasted Red Peppers


So it's April, it's almost Easter, it is officially spring. Not in Calgary. It is snowing heavy out there as I am typing this post and I am not happy about it. It looks like December out there, but thankfully I am off for the rest of the week and I don't have to go out there. Even Mia (my beagle) would not want to step out there. She'd rather stay inside and watch TV. With me. :) I've probably mentioned this before, but I love to watch the foodnetwork channel. I'm watching it as we speak. … [Read more...]

Buffalo Chicken and Grilled Cheese Sandwich


If you like hot and spicy foods, then this buffalo chicken and grilled cheese sandwich is for you. Although it may not look very spicy, trust me when I say it was. Regardless, this sandwich is incredible! It is so much better than a regular chicken salad sandwich, there is so much more flavor in it. They were so good, my husband said they were the best sandwiches he ever ate. Well it's not that hard to achieve this from him, since sandwiches are his favorite food. But I can still surprise him … [Read more...]

Tuna Salad with Pecans and Raisins


I came home from work tonight, only to be surprised by my husband with dinner. I love it when he does this. Honestly I don't care what he makes, just the fact that he makes dinner is more than enough for me. Tonight he surprised me with this wonderful tuna salad with pecans and raisins. He made a couple sandwiches with it and I gobbled it up, it was so delicious. I wish there would be left overs so I can take some for lunch tomorrow, but no such thing, it was just that good. The ingredients … [Read more...]

Bacon Mushroom Calzones


Pizza has become a staple at my house on the weekend. However, we're starting the get a bit bored with it, so this weekend we decided to try a calzone. Calzones are really just Italian sandwiches traditionally stuffed with mozzarella and tomatoes and made from pizza dough. They make for great street food because they are easy to eat on the street while standing or walking. I suppose a calzone is similar to a stromboli, not really sure what the difference is, they look the same to me. I … [Read more...]

Grilled Golden Gruyere and Prosciutto Tortillas

golden gruyere and prosciutto tortillas

You know how when you come home from work you're not always in the mood for cooking because you're exhausted? Well today I felt like that. I simply don't want to be in the kitchen for long. I want to have a quick dinner with my husband and then just relax. All I can say is TGIF! So I had a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself. I said to myself, how about some grilled golden Gruyere and prosciutto tortillas? OK, so it didn't actually happen quite like that. I looked in the fridge and I saw … [Read more...]