Twice Baked Potato Slices


There's something totally delicious about these potatoes. It's called BACON. We know bacon makes everything better, and it totally does in this recipe. Not that these potatoes wouldn't be delicious on their own, aka no bacon, but bacon brings a whole new flavor dimension. To anything. Bacon is where it's at. Just remember that I am a bacon enthusiast, so bacon really does rock my world. And my dog's. Totally rocks my dog's world. So just embrace bacon. But these potato slices, my friends, are … [Read more...]

Crockpot Parmesan Honey Pork Roast


I missed my crockpot! I haven't used it in a few weeks and every time I'm in the kitchen and I see it on the counter, it makes me feel guilty. How can a crockpot make me feel guilty? So I promised it that this weekend I was going to give it a good use. And I did! You may think that Parmesan and honey might be a weird combination, and it might be, but there's also soy sauce in there, basil, garlic powder and salt, so when you mix it all together, somehow it works. And when you cook the pork … [Read more...]

Lemon Garlic Roasted Pork Loin


I want to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's day and I hope you all spend it with your loved ones, eat good food and have fun. Personally, it's Friday, it's Valentine's day, and I have a super long 4 day weekend. Life is great. The month of February is all about love, and I love and appreciate all my readers and to show you my love I have one of my favorite Sunday dinner recipes here for you. Growing up every Sunday we used to have a big meal, nothing fancy, usually roasted potatoes … [Read more...]

Honey Glazed Rack of Pork Ribs


I'm in love! With these ribs! These ribs are finger licking lip smacking yummylicious goodness! I'm brilliant! Sometimes I amaze myself!  I made the perfect rack of pork ribs! The smell is unbearable  in the house. I drove my beagle and my husband crazy! Forget about other rib recipes you may have, this here is the only one you need. These ribs are great, all you need to do is mix all the glaze ingredients together, and then slowly slather it over a beautiful rack of pork ribs, with … [Read more...]

Caramelized Pork Loin


And take 2! I had this recipe post all typed up and almost ready to go when I accidentally closed the tab in my browser before hitting save. It's one of those days. But anyway I'm really happy to share this caramelized pork loin recipe with you because it is one of my favorite recipes and my favorite way of making pork loin. It's yummy and delicious pork! The pork loin is stuffed with apples that were caramelized in butter and brown sugar, the pork loin is then seared to get a nice and crispy … [Read more...]

Mexican BLT with Guacamole


I think I have a split personality when it comes to food. The reason I say this is because sometimes you see recipes like this Mexican BLT with Guacamole or this Thai Chicken Salad on my blog which are fairly healthy and then sometimes you see recipes like Sex in a Pan or this chocolate cake here. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just wanted you to know that I know. Have I confused you yet? Well here's the thing my friends, you need variety in your life, so here you will find lots … [Read more...]

Easy Meatloaf


This easy meatloaf recipe here is the only one you will ever need. But first of all I can't believe it's 2014 already, but I have a feeling it's going to be a great year, though not a great winter. It's been a long winter already and I try not to think about it because it literally depresses me. We have probably another good 4 to 5 months of winter left here in Calgary, and no I'm not kidding, but we have had snow in June and July here. Go figure. Why do I live here again? Oh because it's sunny … [Read more...]

Crockpot Country Sausage and Bean Soup


I finally did it! I finally put up my Christmas tree. It's gorgeous! I forgot to take a picture of it to post it here but I will. I know some of you may think it's early but not for me. I actually meant to do mine last weekend but didn't get a chance. So before I talk about today's recipe I just wanted to tell you all that starting next week I'm going to do 12 days of Christmas cookies. I was baking for you all yesterday all day long and have got a collection of amazing and delicious cookies … [Read more...]

Perfect Pulled Pork

pulled pork1

Pulled Pork! Yep, I can honestly say we've never had it before until a couple years ago, when my husband and I were watching Diners, Drive-inns, and Dives on the food network channel and we saw a show where they showed these juicy and sinful pulled pork sandwiches. We knew we had to try it, we love pork, so pulled pork has got to be amazing.  So we did and, yes it was amazing. Pulled pork must be an American thing because I can't say I've ever seen it at a restaurant either or anywhere else. … [Read more...]

Gnocchi with Bacon, Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella


Happy Weekend! All I want to do right now is go to bed, get under the covers and watch a chick flick. Yes I call them chick flicks, but I love them, I even make my husband watch them with me sometimes and I think he even enjoys them. He's getting soft in his old age. But it's been a hectic week and I'm tired and all I feel like doing right now is stay in bed and watch TV. Pretty exciting, eh? I still had to cook something, so here comes gnocchi with bacon, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, … [Read more...]

Spicy Ricotta Meatballs in Tomato Sauce


I made you guys meatballs! Again! What's that? You've had enough meatballs? Can't be. These meatballs are the bomb! You're probably saying a meatball is a meatball is a meatball, but I disagree! These meatballs are not the same as any other meatballs. These meatballs will change your life. That's right! A life changing meatball. All joking aside these meatballs are pretty darn delicious. I've made quite a variety of meatballs in my day and I have to say I love them all. These meatballs though … [Read more...]

Crockpot Cuban Style Pork Tenderloin

crockpot cuban style pork tenderloin-1-3

One of the best $15 purchase I ever made was my crockpot. I resisted for a long time buying one, never seeing the need for one, or just being my usual stubborn self. But am I glad I broke down and bought one. Even as I was buying it, I wanted to buy the cheapest there was, still thinking it was going to be one useless purchase and $15 wasted. Well I was wrong! From day 1, my crockpot and I have had a beautiful relationship. It's like it was meant to be. We have pretty much been inseparable my … [Read more...]