Sour Cream Coffee Cake


This Sour Cream Coffee Cake is a simple cake made with sour cream and yogurt with a pecan brown sugar crumble. Perfect with a good cup of coffee any morning. I love coffee cakes. They're so easy to make and well I just love to have a slice with a good cup of hot coffee. It's one of my small pleasures in life. It's the little things in life that really matter. Interestingly enough I am not crazy about coffee, although I have one every morning. I only started drinking coffee when I was in … [Read more...]

Better Than Sex Cake


I have a naughty cake for you! Well the name is naughty but the cake is crazy awesome! When Penny, a reader, sent me this recipe I just knew I had to make it. How could I not? With a name like better than sex cake, I knew I had to make it and see how it would compare to sex in a pan. I just had to, cause that's just how I roll! So I did, and although I'm giving you the full recipe here, don't pay attention to my 8x8 glass pan you see in the picture because the hand model told me to only … [Read more...]

Butterscotch Magic Cake


I love long weekends. In Canada we celebrated Family Day and in the States President's day. Pretty much all weekend I did nothing but putz around the house, and watched Once Upon a Time on Netflix. I'm obsessed with this show now. If you get Netflix watch it, it's awesome. Besides watching Netflix I've been answering a lot of questions on making Magic Cake and Chocolate Magic Cake from you my dear and loyal readers. Since I didn't have step by step pictures with the other two recipes, I … [Read more...]

Lemon Yogurt Cake


Last summer I went with my sister to this cute Italian store that had amazing kitchen things. Well as you can imagine, this kind of store is a food blogger's dream. She couldn't get me out of there. But this is where I found this cute  and funny shaped cake pan. Since then I've been waiting for a special recipe to use it. So I've been wanting to make a lemon yogurt cake for the longest time, it's one of my favorite cakes, it's light, it's lemony, and it's versatile. You can serve it with … [Read more...]

Mystery Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

mystery cake-1-3

I'm super excited to share this recipe with you. This recipe for mystery cake dates back to the 1930s and this cake used to be very popular. You may wonder why it's called mystery cake and the answer is simple. The special ingredient used in this cake may surprise you. It's Campbell's Tomato Soup! No lie! Not too worry though, there is no tomato taste in this cake at all. The reason tomato soup was used is because during the 1030s ingredients such as butter and eggs were precious and hard … [Read more...]

Simple Banana Cake

banana cake-1

Today's recipe is a simple one. I love simple recipes. Sometimes you may have a sweet tooth but don't want to do too much work, well this simple banana cake is perfect for times like that. With simple recipes like this you can't go wrong. This is a delicious banana cake and to fancy mine up I sprinkled it with powdered sugar and drizzled some chocolate sauce over it. I love this cake, and I always have bananas on hand that go too ripe before we get a chance to eat them. This cake is the … [Read more...]

Chocolate Magic Cake


Well I finally did it! I finally made the chocolate version of this delightful magic cake. The original version was very popular and a lot of people were asking about different flavors, so I decided to give it a go and see how it turns out. Well I knew it couldn't be bad, because I loved the original version so chocolate magic cake could only make it better. I also found out that the origin of this cake is from Romania, and the actual name of the cake is intelligent cake because of how it … [Read more...]

Chocolate Whoopie Pies With Baileys Butter Cream


Ever have one of those hectic days at work that you just can't wait for the time to make it home, put your feet up and enjoy a nice drink? Well today was one of those days. But what to drink? Well I love Baileys Irish Cream so I poured myself a little glass and thoroughly enjoyed it. This reminded me of this whoopie pie recipe I made with Bayleys in the butter cream which I forgot to post. So I thought it would be perfect to post this now, simply because it has Bayleys in it and because St. … [Read more...]

Magic Cake


Magic Cake! Where do I begin? I started out very skeptical when I saw this cake on The name intrigued me at first. I had to click to see the recipe just to see why this cake is called magic cake, because there really is no such thing. Unfortunately the recipe was in another language, but there's always google translator, the only problem is you know you always lose something in the translation. But not to worry, it was enough for me to realize why this cake is called magic cake. If … [Read more...]

Coffee Cake Bread

coffee cake bread-1-2

I made this coffee cake bread late last night and I dreamt about it all night. It was late last night when I made it so I didn't try it. Hence the dreaming part. You don't understand. I love my Sunday morning breakfasts. Not a Sunday goes by that I don't make something nice for breakfast. And this coffee cake bread is the perfect complement to a good cup of coffee. To make it even more special I drizzled some caramel sauce over it, but feel free to skip it, it's entirely optional. Coffee … [Read more...]

Berry Cheese Cake Squares

fruit and cheese cake bars-1-2

I am not a big cake maker, though I will make them every once in a while, so when I do make a cake I want it to be special. My husband however, doesn't like any cakes but he does love European style cakes, and this my friends is a European style cake, at least to me. Whenever I've been to Europe, these are the types of cakes I've had, and I love them. So when my friend gave me this recipe I knew I had to make it. I'll admit this cake was a bit of work to make, but it was one of the best cakes … [Read more...]

Chocolate Cake with Mixed Berry and Cream Cheese Filling

chocolate cake with fruit filling and cream cheese filling-11

I've probably impressed you by now with my baking skills, if not please let me believe I have. Ignorance is bliss after all. :) But if I haven't, I will impress you with this cake. So it's not one of those gloriously decorated cakes that took hours to put together, but for me taste always comes first and this cake definitely has that. This cake was so good it should be banned, notice I said was, as in the past tense, because it did not last long! What was the occasion, you ask. Who needs an … [Read more...]