Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup


This crockpot chicken noodle soup is a classic and hearty soup, requiring minimal effort giving you tender chicken, loads of noodles and a delicious broth. Today we had a very quiet day at home since we celebrated Easter yesterday at my sister's house. I was not in the mood to really cook anything but with it being Easter and all I decided to make a pork roast but what I was really craving is some chicken noodle soup. Growing up, chicken noodle soup was very common to have with our Sunday … [Read more...]

Brazilian Shrimp Soup


I kind of promised myself that I'll stop complaining to you guys about the cold weather here, but I can't help myself. It's freaking cold here in Calgary and it's going to be one cold weekend. This weekend we're getting down to a very chilly -35 C, which is -31 F, which is very very very cold. Did I mention it's very cold? Come on, it's March already, I'm ready for spring, I want to hear the birds chirping outside, I want to see the trees budding, I want to see the grass, I want to stop wearing … [Read more...]

Tripe Soup (Ciorba de Burta)


I know over the years I've brought you some pretty strange recipes, but none as strange as this tripe soup. I hope you stick around and at least read this post about this recipe and hopefully I can convince you to maybe some day give it a try. But I know how you feel. I felt the same way about tripe soup, if anyone ever mentioned it to me, I'd get all grossed out. I don't think I'm helping here, am I? OK, wow 20 years ago, my first trip back to Romania, after the communism had ended, is … [Read more...]

Crockpot Wild Rice, Quinoa and Chicken Soup


I have a confession to make to all of you. I love science fiction movies and science fiction shows. Seriously. Same with my hubby, as a matter of fact he's the one that turned me into a true sci fi buff. I have seen all Star Trek series, every season, every episode, at least 2 times. I have seen all seasons of X Files at least 2 times. We own all Star Trek series, all Star Trek movies, Andromeda, Star Gate, Star Gate Atlantis, X Files. You name it, we got it! I mean I cried when they … [Read more...]

Sour Pork Soup


It was very difficult to come up with a name for this soup because it's unlike any soup you've probably ever tried before. This is a traditional Romanian soup which we call "ciorba" which I've talked about before a few times. "Ciorba" is basically a sour soup made with meat and vegetables, which is totally different from what we call soup because soups are usually clear with no added acid. "Ciorba" is usually made sour with the addition of lemon juice or vinegar. If you've never had a "ciorba" … [Read more...]

Roasted Garlic and Tomato Soup

roasted garlic and tomato soup-1-3

I have been sick now for a few days with the flu. Pretty depressing. But it's times like this when I remember soups. There's nothing better to have than a warm soup with some cheesy bread when you have the flu. OK, so maybe the cheesy bread doesn't really help with the flu, but it goes great with this roasted garlic and tomato soup. And I love cheesy bread, dipped in this soup it's to die for. But enough about the bread, the star of this show here is the soup, after all. It's probably one … [Read more...]

Beef Soup (Ciorba de vacuta)


Today I'm going to share with you my husband's favorite beef soup recipe.  This is a very Romanian soup and very traditional.  It's very easy to make, just time consuming because you need to boil the beef for 2 or 3 hours until tender. You could speed up the process by boiling the beef in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes, just make sure you save all the beef broth and add that to your soup. [easyrecipe id="47" n="0"] Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Chicken Soup A La Grec

soup a la grec-1-2

You ever have one of those days when you don't feel so good. Well of course you do. I'm having one of those days today. I have a such a sore throat and for such days there's nothing better than a nice cup of hot chicken soup. But I was not in the mood for just any regular chicken soup. I remember this great chicken soup that is very popular back home in Romania, it's called Chicken Soup A La Grec. It's an amazing soup, it's quite sour from the lemon juice. I for one love adding lemon juice to … [Read more...]

Tuscan Bean Soup with Bacon and Kabanos


We've had so much snow here over the past week or so, you'd think winter is just beginning, although in most places winter is ending and spring is beginning. On such dreary winter days I crave comfort food and there's nothing more comforting than a bowl of bean soup. Tuscan soup is usually a hearty soup usually made with inexpensive vegetables such as cabbage, or cannellini beans. I made mine with with navy beans and black eyed beans, a 19 oz can of each. Now if you're wondering what kabanos … [Read more...]

Chicken Nacho Soup

chicken nacho soup-1-2

I cannot believe there are only 4 weeks left till Christmas and I haven't even started Christmas shopping, decorating or anything. I used to be on top of these this but over the past few years I've noticed I tend to wait until a week before Christmas to do all my shopping. Not sure why, probably just because I'm busy. But thankfully I can shop online, so I think that's what I'll do this year. Anyway I'm excited to share today's recipe with you because it's one of my favorite soups. If you … [Read more...]

Halibut Soup

fish soup-1-6

In the month of May I'm going to be featuring only vegetarian recipes and some of them will include seafood. My mission is to prove to myself mostly, that there are many options when it comes to vegetarian dishes. To start this off, I've made this yummy halibut soup. I don't make fish soup often but sometimes I get in the mood for something different and recently I've been wanting to make a fish soup for quite some time. This halibut soup in particular is similar to a Romanian fish soup that … [Read more...]

Romanian Meatball Soup (Ciorba de Perisoare)

ciorba de perisoare-3

This is such a delicious soup I just have to share it with you.  It's a very traditional soup, and it's one of my favorite soups. This soup is a staple at our house and we make it often. "Ciorba" in romanian usually refers to sour soups with vegetables and some form of meat.  They are made sour by adding either lemon juice, "bors" which is fermented wheat bran, sauerkraut juice, or sometimes even vinegar.  Most of the time I just use lemon juice and this gives the soup a very nice sour taste. … [Read more...]