Albondigas Soup


An incredible Albondigas soup which is a traditional Mexican meatball soup loaded with vegetables and full of flavor. Albondigas soup is a traditional Mexican Soup and albondigas simply means meatballs. In Mexico albondigas are usually served in a light broth with all sort of vegetables. Meatball soup is a true comfort food, whether it’s my… 

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Tripe Soup (Ciorba de Burta)


I know over the years I’ve brought you some pretty strange recipes, but none as strange as this tripe soup. I hope you stick around and at least read this post about this recipe and hopefully I can convince you to maybe some day give it a try. But I know how you feel. I… 

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Crockpot Wild Rice, Quinoa and Chicken Soup


I have a confession to make to all of you. I love science fiction movies and science fiction shows. Seriously. Same with my hubby, as a matter of fact he’s the one that turned me into a true sci fi buff. I have seen all Star Trek series, every season, every episode, at least 2 times…. 

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Sour Pork Soup


It was very difficult to come up with a name for this soup because it’s unlike any soup you’ve probably ever tried before. This is a traditional Romanian soup which we call “ciorba” which I’ve talked about before a few times. “Ciorba” is basically a sour soup made with meat and vegetables, which is totally… 

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Beef Soup (Ciorba de vacuta)


Today I’m going to share with you my husband’s favorite beef soup recipe.  This is a very Romanian soup and very traditional.  It’s very easy to make, just time consuming because you need to boil the beef for 2 or 3 hours until tender. You could speed up the process by boiling the beef in… 

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