Cinnabons Cinnamon Rolls

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Cinnabons Cinnamon Rolls – a cinnabon copycat recipe, about the closest you’ll get to the real thing. Super easy to make.


Who doesn’t love the cinnabons at the malls? Just walking by their stores and smelling these cinnabons baking, drives me up the walls. It’s very hard to keep on walking and not stop and spend $5 on a cinnabon.

Not to worry my friends! I have found the precious cinnabon recipe. I came across this book, More Top Secret Recipes: More Fabulous Kitchen Clones of America’s Favorite Brand-Name Foods, and inside it I found the copycat recipe for cinnabons. This book is great, it has a lot of copycat recipes of popular food items and this recipe for cinnabons was one of them.


I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but as I was making them they were looking like the real thing. I have to tell you, they are about as close to the real thing as you’re going to get.


Unbelievable! They are out of this world, and they cost a whole lot less. They’re huge, and they taste exactly the same. I felt like I hit the jackpot. Although they’re not as big as the ones you buy because I wanted to make a dozen with this recipe, so I cut each roll so that’ it’s 1 1/2 inch in height whereas the original ones are 2 1/2 inches.


As these cinnabons were baking, the house smelled amazing, just like it does at the mall when you walk by the cinnabon store. I was so excited. And of course, you cannot have cinnabons without the yummy cream cheese icing.


You will want to try these. I’m so glad I came across this book, I’ll definitely have to try some other recipes from there. I hope you try them and let me know if you liked them as much as I did. Oh and by the way, if you can’t eat them all in one day they last quite a while in the fridge, even 5 days later, just microwave them for 30 seconds and they taste like you just pulled them out of the oven.

I have made this recipe many times over the years and have used both butter and margarine. I believe Cinnabons are originally made with margarine, so if you want to have a true copycat recipe use margarine. Honestly they taste the same to me so it’s your choice, butter or margarine.


I know you want one!


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Cinnabons Cinnamon Rolls
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 12
  • 1 (1/4 ounce) package active dry yeast
  • 1 cup warm milk
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • ⅓ cup margarine (I used softened butter)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 cups flour
  • 1 cup packed brown sugar
  • 3 tbsp cinnamon
  • ⅓ cup margarine, softened
Cream cheese icing
  • 6 tbsp margarine (I used butter)
  • 1½ cups powdered sugar
  • ¼ cup cream cheese
  • ½ tsp vanilla
  • ⅛ tsp salt
  1. For the rolls, dissolve the yeast in the warm milk in a large bowl.
  2. Add sugar, butter, salt, eggs, and flour to the bowl of a mixer and mix well.
  3. Pour the milk/yeast mixture in the bowl and using the dough hook, mix well until well incorporated.
  4. Place dough into an oiled bowl, cover and let rise in a warm place about 1 hour or until the dough has doubled in size.
  5. Roll the dough out on a lightly floured surface, until it is approx 16 inches long by 12 inches wide. It should be approx ¼ inch thick.
  6. Preheat oven to 350 F degrees. Grease a 9x13 inch baking pan.
  7. To make filling, combine the butter, brown sugar, margarine and cinnamon in a bowl.
  8. Spread the mixture evenly over the surface of the dough. Alternatively you can spread the butter first on the dough and then the brown sugar and cinnamon mixture.
  9. Working carefully, from the long edge, roll the dough down to the bottom edge. The roll should be about 18 inches in length. Cut the roll into 1½ inch slices. You might find it easier if you use a piece of floss vs a knife.
  10. Place the cut rolls in the prepared pan. Cover them with a damp towel. Let them rise again for another 30 minutes until they double in size.
  11. Bake for 20 minutes or until light golden brown. Cooking time can vary greatly!
  12. While the rolls are baking make the icing but mixing all ingredients and beat well with an electric mixer until fluffy.
  13. When the rolls are done, spread generously with icing.
Prep time does not include time to let the dough rise.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 roll

From the Jo Cooks recipe archive originally posted September 29, 2012, but made them again for my sister’s birthday. Original picture below:


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  1. Kayla Sherrard says

    My fiance said his mom used to make him cinnamon rolls for him on his birthday so he just woke up to these on his 30th. After looking at a few recipes i chose this one, best decision ever. I prepared them the night before, used floss to cut them (put floss underneath dough roll to cut) put them in a covered 9×13 in the fridge overnight & in the morning I made the frosting & put them in the oven. Also doubled the frosting recipe because we both appreciate sugar. :) My only regret is I wished I would have greased the pan more because they stuck on the edges a bit. This recipe looked intimidating but it was actually pretty easy. They really do taste like cinnabon, will definitely be making these again!

  2. Kristy says

    Just made these today! Kids loved them!! I added a bit of pumpkin pie spice to the dough for an extra fall taste, also used just a simple icing (didn’t have plain cream cheese on hand). Baked half and froze the other half for another day.

    • says

      I would make everything until step 10 without letting them rise. Cover the pan with plastic wrap and freeze them until ready to be used. Believe it or not they will rise in the freezer too. Or you could bake them completely, let them cool then freeze them. When you want to eat one I’d just pop it in the microwave for a minute or so and I bet they would be amazing, all warm and delicious.

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