Spicy Black Pepper Shrimp with Udon Noodles


Spicy Black Pepper Shrimp with Udon Noodles – oodles of noodles and oodles of shrimp with lots of yummy veggies and a super delish sauce. It’s pretty sad that I discovered udon noodles so late in my life. I really wish I had known about them in my college years. But all is not lost…. 

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Fresh Sole Fish with Pea Salad


Fresh sole fish served over a delicious and healthy pea salad! A simple yet elegant and healthy meal! Today was a beautiful and perfect day, though it didn’t start out that way. In the morning it was cold and rainy but as the afternoon approached the sun came out and it warmed up. We lazed… 

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Spicy Fish Taco Bowls


These spicy fish taco bowls are comfort food at its finest with a healthier twist. Fresh blackened spicy tilapia fillets, corn, black beans, red peppers and avocados make this dish a hearty, filling and most delicious lunch or dinner without the guilt. Just when I thought spring was finally here in Calgary, it snowed again!… 

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Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya

chicken and shrimp jambalaya-1

You all know I love easy and simple recipes. I tried to make this jambalaya recipe as simple as possible. Now I know you might be saying that I’m missing sausages from this jambalaya, but I wanted to make it a bit healthier and so I skipped them. OK fine, I did not have any… 

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Indian Salmon Curry with Saffron Rice


Indian Salmon Curry with Saffron Rice – learn to make this Indian curry that is so aromatic and flavorful right in your home. I love Indian food! I have been to many Indian restaurants in my day and had some amazing Indian food. Not often do I attempt to make it at home, though I… 

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