Sage Sausage Stuffing

Sage Sausage Stuffing – a classic sausage stuffing recipe that’s a must have side dish on any Thanksgiving dinner table. 


If you’re not yet tired of Thanksgiving recipes, here I am again with a stuffing recipe. I’ll be the first to admit that growing up I hated stuffing, I was strictly a turkey leg and mashed potato kinda girl and skip all the other fluff. If you’re like me, hear me out. If you use ingredients you like then stuffing isn’t all that bad, it actually tastes pretty good. So that’s what I did here. The main ingredients here are herb sausages, which I love thank you very much, a nice crusty bread all cubed and baked until crispy and dry and eggs, so if you look at it this way, it’s sort of like a bread pudding….

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Brandy-Glazed Carrots

Brandy-glazed carrots – scrumptious baby carrots in a delicious light brandy sauce, perfect side dish to your holiday dinner. Now here’s a shocker. This is the first time EVER that I actually ate any kind of glazed carrots. Seriously! They’re easy enough to make, but I just never made them…

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How to Roast a Turkey

How to Roast a Turkey – learn easy techniques to perfectly roast a turkey. Step by step instructions from start to finish. Well with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to roast a turkey. I love love this season. And how can you not? You can’t turn the…

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3 Ingredient Healthy Energy Bars

3 Ingredient Healthy Energy Bars – these delicious energy bars are simple to make, require no cooking and no fuss. Just pulse, refrigerate and enjoy. Well if you’re already sick and tired of Thanksgiving recipes, look no further. I’m happy to share a super simple and healthy recipe for energy…

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Healthy Whole Wheat and Oats Pumpkin Pancakes

Healthy Whole Wheat and Oats Pumpkin Pancakes – super healthy pumpkin pancakes, no oil, no fat, no guilt whole wheat and oats pancakes.  I finally finished watching Gilmore Girls and am I ever disappointed with the ending. By the way, spoiler alert, if you haven’t watched the show, and want…

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Leftover Ham and Bean Soup

Leftover Ham and Bean Soup – perfect use of that leftover ham from Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. This soup is delicious, hearty and smells heavenly. Well I finally did it. I finally cooked a ham. A whole ham! A big one at that too, it was about 11 lbs. It…

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Mushroom and Leek Strudel

Mushroom and Leek Strudel – a perfect holiday appetizer, a delicious strudel loaded with mushrooms and leeks, plus some other yummy ingredients. The thing about puff pastry is simply that I love it. You can make the most fancy looking appetizers, pies and strudels ever. Puff pastry is where it’s…

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Hawaiian Cheesecake Bites

Hawaiian Cheesecake Bites – decadent mini cheesecakes with pineapple on a pecan crust and topped with sweetened coconut flakes. Fabulicious! Hi there my webbie friends! Not to brag or anything but I just had a couple of these ooey gooey fabulicious Hawaiian cheesecake bites. But let me start by saying…

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Cheese and Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Cheese and Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken Breasts – an impressive dish for a Sunday night dinner or a Holiday. Delicious chicken rolls with a surprise filling. Chicken Rolls! Stuffed with all kinds of yummy things like prosciutto and garlic and herb cream cheese! Wait, you guys! We seriously need to talk…

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Pork Schnitzels

Pork Schnitzels – a super easy to follow recipe for these delicious schnitzels, serve them with some yummy mashed potatoes and you’ve got yourself dinner. I promise promise promise you will love these pork schnitzels. I for one love pork, I mean come on we’re talking bacon. However, settle down…

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One-Pot Beef Stroganoff

One-pot Beef Stroganoff – a simple to make weeknight meal, mushrooms and beef in a creamy rich sauce over fusilli pasta, full of flavor and yumminess. There’s nothing more comforting to me, than a big plate of pasta smothered in a delicious creamy sauce. And that’s what we have here,…

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Garlic and Parsley Butter Shrimp

Garlic and Parsley Butter Shrimp – gorgeous jumbo shrimp slathered in an exquisite garlic and parsley butter and baked to perfection.   Ok, so I know I’m a little late for this but I am now officially obsessed with The Gilmore Girls. I can’t stop watching it. I didn’t think…

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11 Favorite Pumpkin Recipes

11 Favorite Pumpkin Recipes – From cookies, to pies to cakes and pancakes, pumpkin recipes take over our kitchens as we enjoy this fall season. We sure are feeling the crisp breeze here, summer is long gone and fall is definitely in the air. But no matter how much I…

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