Turkey, Hummus and Veggie Wraps

Turkey, Hummus and Veggie Wraps – fresh, delicious and 210 calories, perfect lunch.


It’s Sunday, which means it’s the last day of my vacation, back to work tomorrow. But that’s OK, it was a great week, got lots of rest so I’m ready to start the new year at work. One of the great things this week is that I was able to cook and prepare lots of healthy meals, like this wrap.

I cannot begin to tell you the amount of flavor in this wrap and it comes from the fresh veggies, hummus, which I love and the fresh lime juice I squeezed on the veggies. This turkey, hummus and veggie wrap is one of my favorite lunches. It’s so quick to make, and you know what, it’s only 200 calories, so you can’t beat that, you can even have 2 wraps, and trust me that will fill you up. So fill this wrap with lots of veggies, your favorite ones, I used bell peppers, green onions, cucumbers and tomatoes. Yummy, that’s all I can say.

I made a few extra ones, wrapped them up in plastic wrap and put them in the fridge for quick lunch or snack. Well, it drives my husband crazy, he says, every time he opens the fridge that’s all he looks at and wants to grab one because they’re so good.


Turkey, Hummus and Veggie Wraps
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 2
  • 2 6" whole wheat tortillas
  • 2 tbsp hummus
  • 3 oz deli turkey meat
  • 2 small tomatoes, sliced
  • ¼ english cucumber, cut in long strips
  • 1 bell pepper, cut in long strips
  • lime juice
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Lay out the tortillas and spread a tbsp of hummus on each. Divide the turkey in 2 and arrange on top of the hummus on each tortilla. Divide the veggies evenly among the 2 wraps, season with salt and pepper if preferred then squeeze some fresh lime juice on each.
  2. Roll each tortilla, cut in half and serve with additional veggies on the side.
Calories based on calorie count. Calories may vary based on products and brands used.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 wrap Calories: 210 Fat: 2.6


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